This competition is over.

The world, and especially our industry, is going through a crisis due to COVID-19.

We want to inspire people to create anyway. In turn, we want to help relieve the heavy financial burden coming down on our peers and fellow members in the hospitality industry.

Because in-person events aren’t an option, we’re focusing our efforts on digital, leveraging the Apartment Bartender community and beyond. Stand mixers are incredible kitchen appliances. View them here:

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Create Something

Create something!

If you’re an artist, create art. If you’re a songwriter, write a song. If you’re a videographer, make a video. If you’re a photographer, take photos. If you’re a chef, cook something.

If you’re a bartender, make a drink. Or, create something completely out of your comfort zone. Whatever it is, just put your heart into it. The limit on what you do is up to you. 


To submit, you must:

  1. Post a photo and/or video to your Instagram account documenting what you chose to create (consider using a carousel post to showcase more).
  2. Tag @wecreateanyway on Instagram and use the hashtag #WeCreateAnywayContest
  3. Write out a detailed caption as to what you created, why you created it, what you learned through the process, and the impact it had on you. You must mention @wecreateanyway in the caption.
  4. You can create and enter as many times as you’d like in the 5 week contest period. (All submissions must follow the same rules in order to qualify).


Prizes include (10) $500 cash prizes, a deluxe Sertodo Copper home bartending set, and more. Winners will be selected at random. No entry will be judged, handpicked, or critiqued in anyway. The purpose is to inspire creativity, not to judge it.